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Wonmin Jo

Hello there! I'm Wonmin Jo, a detail-oriented 3D artist passionate about creating anatomically accurate and visually stunning 3D models that match the concept. I approach each modeling and texturing task with detail and precision to breathe life into digital creations. I've created 3d garments, and characters based on concept art. I'm eager to continue collaborating with other artists on projects.



I like to be invested in matching the visual look of 3D models to the impression of the concept and feeling of the story. It is rewarding when I see my characters on screen delivering the intended message and moving our hearts.

I wanted to become an artist from a young age as soon as I could grip a pencil and draw. I had people who looked down on my dream and even told me I could never do something creative. It slowly shaped me into a versatile artist who could make art that accurately matched the references and concepts. It didn't stop me from being a part of the creative industry; I found my way of contributing. 

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